Africa offers something for everyone, whether you want to go on safari or explore different cultures and cuisines. From majestic mountain peaks to idyllic beaches, Africa boasts both natural and manmade wonders worth experiencing.

The Okavango Delta is one of the world’s truly breathtaking wilderness wonders. Hippos and crocodiles roam free across its wide floodplain, which can be explored via mokoro (dugout canoe).best travel destinations in africa

Zanzibar, Tanzania is an idyllic island destination, perfect for travellers to relax on its sandy shores and bathe beneath warm waters. Its history adds depth and intrigue, while Stone Town – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – provides one of the best ways to explore its unique culture. Here, strong Arabic, Indian and Persian influences can be seen through its architecture.

On a guided tour, you’ll explore cobbled alleyways and admire intricately carved doorways, charming shops and striking minarets. Additionally, you will learn about Omani Sultan rule, slave trade abolition efforts as well as British takeover during the 1800s.

Visit Jozani Forest Reserve is another must. Home to various species such as sykes monkeys, Ader’s duikers and suni antelope, this park provides visitors with an enchanting wildlife experience.

Zambia is one of the world’s lesser-known travel destinations, yet boasts stunning waterfalls and expansive wetlands. Additionally, this African nation is famed for offering safari tours that allow travellers to leave their vehicles behind and experience its expansive wilderness on foot.

Victoria Falls are one of Zambia’s premier attractions, but there’s also incredible birding and lush national parks such as Kafue and South Luangwa to discover. Mana Pools provides an unspoiled river system where paddlers can explore paddling on the Zambezi or exploring its wetlands with an ox-drawn canoe.

Be mindful that Cambodia is still developing, so responsible and ethical tourism are crucial to its continued expansion. Also consider investing in medical evacuation insurance that covers Europe or America should your healthcare in Cambodia be inadequate and underfunded.

Namibia is a young and independent nation boasting an attractive capital city, impressive infrastructure, stunning desert landscapes and diverse wildlife encounters – an oasis in West Africa’s backcountry that has burst onto the adventure tourism map of Africa.

Damaraland’s rugged mountains characterise its remote region with one of Africa’s lowest population densities and an alluring sense of isolation, and visitors come here in search of black rhinoceroses and desert elephants – both iconic species found here!

Namibia is famed for its vast backcountry, including eerie ghost town Kolmanskop and spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site Twyfelfontein with its massive concentration of Bushmen rock engravings – something not found elsewhere in Africa. Deadvlei, with its sun-burnt petrified acacia trees slowly being transformed by shifting sand dunes, is another must-visit site of Namibia.

Lagos, known as Nigeria’s “center of excellence”, is a lively metropolis filled with fun activities for visitors of all kinds. Although its energy can be daunting to first-time visitors, Lagos should certainly be experienced!

Guest should stay at secure accommodations and maintain an elevated security awareness level. Travelers should avoid public transport as it often serves as a target for robbery and other forms of crime.

Tarkwa Bay and Eleko Beach provide great options for day trips. Additionally, this region is known for its seafood offerings including jollof rice, efo riro and egusi soup – visiting a local restaurant is essential; oftentimes locals will come up to you and offer advice or give their opinion.

Ethiopia, considered the cradle of humanity, is one of Africa’s most captivating destinations. This northern African nation features historical treasures and traditional cultures along with spectacular natural scenery that make for an enthralling travel experience.

Ethiopia can best be explored with the assistance of a tour operator. Addis Ababa offers world-renowned museums and lively streets that redefine “bustling.” Aksum offers beautiful churches while Gondar boasts impressive castles that stand out among East Africa.

The Danakil Depression in northern Ethiopia is one of the lowest and hottest spots on Earth, offering unique landscapes such as salt lakes, bubbling volcanoes and lava fields. Afar people have lived here for millennia while maintaining vibrant cultures within its travel destinations in africa
Mount Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro, as the world’s highest freestanding mountain, draws thrill-seekers and adventurers from around the globe. Situated near Tanzania/Kenya border, ascending this so-called ‘Roof of Africa’ provides an extraordinary trekking experience through different climate zones with exhilarating views at every step.

Travelers planning a climb up Kilimanjaro do not require technical climbing skills; however, glacial melt is an ongoing threat and anecdotal evidence points toward reduced summit success rates. Travelers are advised to take malaria prophylaxis and heed advice regarding ways to limit exposure to tsetse flies (see Sec. 5, Part 2, Chapter 24 of African Trypanosomiasis for further guidance).

Climbing Kilimanjaro is just part of an incredible safari trip through Tanzania, which also allows travelers to see Serengeti National Park–home of one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World; Ngorongoro Crater–another World Heritage Site; Mahale and Gombe National Parks on Lake Tanganyika for chimpanzee viewing, Mahale National Park on Zanzibar Island with white beaches–along with many others.

Luxor, Egypt is an incredible tourist destination, often called “the world’s greatest open-air museum” due to its vast collection of ancient temples and tombs that remain well preserved. A trip here will transport you away from Cairo into another realm that showcases Egypt’s rich cultural heritage.

Attractively decorated streets brimming with shop owners, taxi and caleche drivers, tour guides and hoteliers. Make sure to negotiate the best hotel deal and negotiate with locals before getting in any taxi or hiring a felucca for a Nile River cruise. Consider booking a sleeper train or flight into Cairo before traveling down to Aswan then Luxor as part of an extensive exploration of Egypt’s past.

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