Africa is famous for its incredible wildlife and can be costly to explore; fortunately, however, there are a variety of cost-friendly destinations throughout its vast continent.

Namibia provides wide open roads, breathtaking scenery and the opportunity for an affordable self-drive safari experience. Additionally, Namibia provides accommodation options that provide excellent travel destinations in africa
South Africa

South Africa is an ideal travel destination for adventure- and culture-seeking tourists, offering beaches, cities, cuisine, mountains, desert and forests that create a truly memorable travel experience. While some activities in South Africa may seem pricey at first glance, you can still enjoy them within budget if you know what to look out for.

South African rand has fallen against the US Dollar in recent years, making travel much cheaper to this incredible continent. Luxury comes at much more reasonable rates than in many other locations; safaris remain highly affordable if you select suitable accommodations and activities.

Stay at Cape Town’s iconic Mount Nelson Hotel for a classic South African experience, or the more modern Silo Hotel for modern rooms that overlook the cityscape. Additionally, explore Plettenberg Bay along the world-famous Garden Route by car or on foot; here, sandy beaches meet rocky shores, quaint towns and indigenous forests which can all be discovered along this iconic route. To maximize your visit in this region and maximize your own personal discovery of this region a self-drive rental car is your ideal way of traveling through its length!

Madikwe Game Reserve, just an hour’s drive or flight from Johannesburg, boasts an abundance of rare wildlife such as wild dog and endangered desert specialists like brown hyena – making this unique landscape ideal for family-friendly safaris in South Africa.

Ghana is an undiscovered African gem that many tourists overlook, yet offers an intriguing blend of beautiful beaches and historic cities. Tourists will discover numerous architectural landmarks here such as Accra’s tallest building (The Skybar), Osu Castle and Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum (Independence Arch). Additionally, Ghana boasts stunning natural attractions such as Mole National Park which boasts abundant wildlife along its canopy walkway and Mole National Park with its abundant fauna and lush rainforest containing Mole National Park with an amazing canopy walkway!

Accommodation options in the country tend to be more economical than one might imagine, with hostels and budget hotels providing all of the essentials necessary for a comfortable stay without breaking the bank.

Some volunteer organisations also provide all-inclusive packages with flights and accommodations included, making this an attractive option for travellers on tight budgets who wish to avoid the stress and hassle of booking individual components of a trip individually. Be sure to take note of cashback or discount websites to see whether extra savings may be possible!

An African safari vacation may seem more expensive than other forms of vacation travel, but with careful research you may find great bargains. A 3-day/ 2-night safari to some of Africa’s renowned national parks could cost around $415 per day and include food, safari drives/guides/entrance fees/accommodation (typically budget camping options). It offers real wildlife adventures at an economical cost! This makes safari vacations ideal for anyone seeking wildlife adventures at an economical price point.

Tanzania stands out as an unparalleled safari destination, boasting one-quarter of its country dedicated to national parks. Tanzania also hosts four Unesco World Heritage Sites including Serengeti and Ngorongoro Craters as well as Mt Kilimanjaro and Lake Manyara. A budget safari in Tanzania takes advantage of lesser-known park entrances with cheaper game drive rates to reduce overall trip costs without compromising wildlife viewing travel destinations in africa

Staying within budget while traveling to Tanzania is easy when choosing a group safari with community-run accommodation and smaller guesthouses, keeping tour operator costs down, which results in more affordable rates for everyone. Your itinerary can also incorporate activities included with park fees such as hot air balloon safaris or visiting Gombe National Park where Jane Goodall studied chimpanzees.

Travel during the shoulder season to further reduce costs. Avoid peak safari and holiday times when prices spike and crowds become densest; but you can still see plenty of animals during June-September and post-rain period January-March without competing with as many tourists.

Ethiopia, often called the Cradle of Humankind, is an amazing destination with amazing ancient cultures and traditions, beautiful natural wonders, soulful cities and abundant wildlife – yet you don’t need to break the bank to enjoy this captivating land – airfare and accommodation costs are relatively cheap making Ethiopia one of the top budget travel destinations on African travel tours.

Kenya offers budget travel options that cover everything from breathtaking sandy beach experiences, rich cultural attractions and exciting safari activities. Kenya’s top national parks cost about $240 per day with food, park fees and safari drives all included; or take an economical 3-day tour that costs approximately $140-145 instead.

Ethiopia offers affordable accommodations and meals, with basic hotel rooms costing roughly $7 per night and local restaurant meals costing only about $1 each. A trip to Gondar, known as Africa’s Camelot, costs less than $5 to visit and to enter its famous castle dubbed Camelot of Africa will set you back less than $5 in entrance fees.

Ethiopia’s Great Rift Valley extends north into Ethiopia, offering travelers access to eight of its most beautiful lakes. A local can guide them around or they can relax on the shore with a sundowner at only a few Birr per person. Furthermore, Addis Ababa boasts many affordable museums and monuments for exploration.

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