South Africa is an incredible travel destination filled with vibrant cities, captivating wildlife, and jaw-dropping landscapes – not to mention some of the best travel places worldwide!

Kruger National Park, one of the world’s premier game reserves, provides visitors with an opportunity to witness lions, leopards and buffalo roam freely through its rugged terrain. You can explore it by car on well-traveled roads or take part in an organized safari adventure.

The majestic Drakensberg Mountains span over 200km between South Africa’s Kwa Zulu Natal province and Lesotho’s mountainous Kingdom of Lesotho. Popularly referred to as uKhahlamba (Battlement of Spears), this range features massive basalt cliffs and towering sandstone buttresses which offer hikers breathtaking mountain views against striking backdrops.

This extraordinary landscape is home to numerous amazing animal species, from large herds of grazing animals like eland and mountain reedbuck to rare reptile species like long-toed tree frogs, mournful rain frogs, poynton’s cacos and long-toed tree frogs; also troops of baboons and porcupines can often be seen darting through the underbrush.

The central Drakensberg is an enchanting part of South Africa, famed for its extraordinary collection of 2,000-year-old San Bushman rock art dating back 2,000 years. These paintings line cave walls and crevices once occupied by indigenous San people whose intricate paintings provide a remarkable record of their time spent here. Recognised by UNESCO as World Heritage travel destinations in africa
Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park is home to healthy populations of large mammals such as lions, elephants and rhinoceroses; as well as an incredible diversity of birds and plants. Furthermore, it houses numerous archaeological relics from pre-Stone Age era sites and over 130 rock art sites dating back to Stone Age period.

Paul Kruger left behind an invaluable legacy at his parks, which continues to foster harmony between wildlife and people today. Kruger also set an industry standard for advanced environmental management practices with their Environmental Management Systems that continue today at Kruger and many conservation parks worldwide.

Visit the park and keep your eye out for herds of elephant and buffalo as well as numerous species of antelope grazing species such as impala and bushbuck. Furthermore, both Olifants and Letaba Rivers attract hippos as well as other water-based animals and birds that live there.

Kruger National Park offers accommodations to fit every budget, ranging from basic campsites to luxurious private reserves within its boundaries. Bigger camps boast shops selling drinks, foodstuffs, souvenirs as well as wood carvings, animal skins and rugs – although you can also find these items at smaller camps and some gate entrances of KNP.

South Africa is a varied travel destination, boasting natural wonders such as the Drakensberg Mountains and bustling cities such as Johannesburg and Cape Town that will captivate any visitor.

South Africa draws many visitors with its national parks and game reserves, where spotting the Big Five can be an irresistible draw. But South Africa also boasts an extraordinary culture, seen through traditional dances, festivals, cuisine influenced by African, European and Asian influences and Zulu music with its upbeat tempo and catchy melodies; beadwork pottery as well as male initiation rites that prepare young men for adulthood are among its hallmarks of travel destinations in africa

The Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg serves as a powerful reminder of South Africa’s troubled history, providing visitors with an emotional experience to illustrate the effects of segregation in both society and individuals. Soweto township is another must-visit spot as this was where protestors organized against Afrikaans being used as an instructional language in schools in 1976.

Western Cape province, featuring towns like Hermanus and Simon’s Town known for whale watching activities. South Africa also stands out as an unparalleled producer of wine with over 2,500 km of coastline providing ideal conditions for growing grapes and crafting exquisite wines.
Cape Town

Cape Town lies along South Africa’s southwest coast and lies under Table Mountain. A modern, vibrant metropolis, it offers beautiful beaches, stunning biodiversity and award-winning wines and cuisine – the city is truly an idyllic escape!

South Africa has a rich and colorful history dating back to when the Khoi-San first settled the area centuries ago, to when Dutch East India Company set up their supply station in 1652 and introduced slavery. Apartheid still lingers today but South Africa looks bright thanks to Nelson Mandela and other inspirational figures such as him.

The Cape is home to one of the world’s most stunning landscapes, boasting forests, mountains, beaches and one of the world’s rarest floral biomes: Fynbos. Additionally, this region’s abundance of wildlife makes for an incredible viewing experience with black rhinoceroses, African elephants and rare Cape zebra roaming freely throughout.

Capetonians love sports and socialising in an informal, convivial setting, while taking great pride in their tribal heritage and diverse cultures. One way of experiencing all these aspects is staying in a traditional African village like Lesedi Cultural Village where you’ll live among local families and immerse yourself in their everyday lifestyle and traditions.

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