South Africa provides an abundance of leisure travel destinations, from South African Airways and its regional affiliates to Mango Airlines competing for domestic passengers.

South Africa’s airline industry stands out among liberalized markets such as Europe. There exists both an incumbent flag carrier airline (SAA) and an entirely owned low cost carrier brand called Mango; SAA also maintains affiliations with regional affiliates through franchises or commercial agreements.
Domestic Flights

South Africa’s major cities are served by domestic airlines that operate reliable and safe flights, while there are also many smaller airports connecting major cities to mid-sized towns and villages making the country very accessible for international travellers.

South African Airways (SAA), South Africa’s national carrier, provides an extensive domestic route network. A member of Star Alliance and boasting the loyalty program SAA Voyager which lets passengers earn points when flying with SAA, it operates at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg; Lanseria in Pretoria; King Shaka International in Durban.

South Africa offers numerous low cost carriers, such as Kulula Air and Fastjet, which both provide basic services including checked baggage and seat selection. LIFT, launched in 2015 as a flexible travel experience enabling passengers to easily change or cancel flights with refunds being placed back into wallets.

As domestic air travel in South Africa does not pose any restrictions, it is strongly advised that travellers have a valid Vaccination Information Certificate (VIC) test for COVID-19 or equivalent before arriving. A Pneumonia Coronavirus PCR (PCR) test may also be required if arriving from countries with high incidences of COVID-19.
International Flights

Flights from Johannesburg to international destinations can be found with various airlines. OR Tambo International Airport provides comprehensive service with direct routes leading all over the globe.

Enter your preferred departure airport and dates into our system, and our South Africa travel experts will present a selection of flights with all pertinent details such as departure times, airfares and flight connections for each option available to you.

South African Airways is the national flag carrier and operates an expansive network across Africa and beyond. Their cutting-edge booking platform enables seamless trip planning by selecting both connecting domestic flights as well as intercontinental journeys in one go, along with carry-on luggage storage to your final destination.

Kulula Airlines of South Africa provides daily flights at affordable rates to Cape Town, Johannesburg and George. Kulula focuses on affordability with convenient additional services provided and was recently named “Best Regional Airline in Africa” at the Business Traveller Africa travel destinations in africa

Choose from an assortment of affordable fares and flexible booking policies, to guarantee you get the best price on your South Africa travel plans. Additionally, take comfort knowing your trip comes equipped with travel cost protection: this extra reimburses you should you need to cancel or change it later on.
Getting There

South Africa can be reached directly via South African Airways or Delta Air Lines flights departing New York or Washington Dulles with either carrier. From other USA locations you must connect via an European city to one of these flights. Johannesburg (JNB) serves as South Africa’s primary gateway and only domestic airport with regular passenger services; its easy navigation features two terminals A and B with a central terminal building connecting them both for baggage handling and check-in services.

South African Airways, South Africa’s national carrier, flies nonstop between Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and East London as well as connecting other major cities around Africa and worldwide.

Budget carriers such as Kulula and FlySafair also operate domestic routes, so when booking domestic flights be mindful of layover times. Arriving early at the airport for domestic flights is best; most airlines require some form of government-issued photo ID at check-in; though exact requirements vary from carrier to carrier.

South Africa stands out in Sub-Saharan Africa due to several unique characteristics, such as its more polycentric urban system and expansive domestic airline market, which was controlled until 1991 by state-owned flag carrier South African Airways through government intervention and regulatory measures. After liberalisation in 1991 and the introduction of low-cost airlines such as FlySafair, Kulula, and JetStar.
Getting Around

South Africa, as the ninth-largest country in Africa, can be difficult to navigate. Travellers with limited time may find that flying between major destinations is the easiest solution; but for anyone wanting to experience all that this vast country offers, road and air travel may provide the optimal journey experience.

Budget airlines fly regularly between all of South Africa’s major and most minor airports with ticket prices typically below USD 200. South African Airways serves domestic routes between Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Shosholoza Meyl is South Africa’s long-haul train operator. With eight primary routes connecting South African cities and towns, ticket prices for first class carriages compare with bus fare but travel can be slow and infrequent.

Road travel can also be hazardous, with city driving often being an assault on one’s senses: aggressive drivers, confusing street signs, manic minicabs and crazy cyclists all adding up to an experience that is an assault on all senses. Accidents occur frequently while carjackings have also taken place regularly in Johannesburg. Rural routes present their own set of challenges including cattle wandering along freeways with herders walking alongside them and people approaching traffic lights to be “boxed in” by cars behind them – cattle wander freely while herders walk alongside herders alongside them while people walk up to traffic lights to be “boxed in” by cars behind them causing more than any one person is capable of.

Renting cars from all major companies is available, though booking in advance can save money. In urban environments, booking a GPS-equipped car provides the safest and easiest solution.

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