Air travel across Africa connects people to its wide array of cultures, while demanding extensive facilities, management and staff efforts in order to deliver top quality service.

No matter if you want to shop in Nairobi or hike Ugandan mountains, finding an airline will get you there safely and affordably. With plenty of airlines out there to choose from, your journey should not be daunting!
Kenya Airwaysbest travel destinations in africa

Kenya Airways is one of the largest airlines in Africa and serves over three million passengers each year. Dubbed “The Pride of Africa,” its primary goal is connecting Africa to the rest of the world via an extensive network. Kenya operates two dozen aircraft from Boeing mostly.

Air Canada provides passengers with various services to assist with flight preparation, such as online booking, mobile check-in and lounge access. Business travelers also have priority check-in and boarding. Finally, in-flight entertainment includes movies, television shows, music and much more!

Kenya Airways Economy class seats are wide and adjustable, making long flights comfortable. In addition, Kenya Airways provides complimentary snacks and drinks on most routes for economy class passengers; Premier World and Business class customers are allowed more luggage than this limit.

Kenya Airways makes changing your reservation easy with their Manage Booking feature, enabling you to change flights, select seats and add extra baggage all from the convenience of your phone or tablet. In case cancellation becomes necessary, Kenya Airways provides refunds as well. Plus they have plenty of helpful resources available online that can assist with travel planning!
Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines is the national carrier of Ethiopia and operates one of Africa’s largest fleets, serving destinations throughout Africa, Europe, Asia and North America from its hub at Addis Ababa International Airport. Furthermore, Ethiopian is part of Star Alliance.

The airline provides its passengers with an array of services and amenities, including airliners from various manufacturers like Airbus and Boeing designed for comfort and efficiency. In-flight entertainment options and dining selections are also provided by this carrier.

depending on their route and time of day, passengers have access to one to three food options during each flight. Each meal comes complete with beverages of their choosing; economy class passengers receive complimentary travel destinations in africa

Ethiopian Airlines allows its passengers to check-in online up to 36 hours prior to flight departure, saving time at the airport while making their travel experience more comfortable and enhancing overall travel enjoyment. Furthermore, online seat selection can also be provided.

Ethiopian Airlines’ passenger satisfaction rating stands at four out of five stars – higher than industry average. This score takes into account factors like cabin crew performance, in-flight meals quality and cabin comfort based on over 9,000 passenger surveys conducted by CAPA Profiles for airline news, data and analysis purposes.

Egyptair, founded in 1932 and considered one of the pioneer airlines worldwide, operates both domestic and international flights from Egypt. Their fleet features Airbus and Boeing aircraft such as their new Dreamliner model. As part of Star Alliance network they connect 81 worldwide destinations.

In 2013, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines won the KLIA Airlines Awards as “Airline of the Year for Africa”. Additionally, it has won multiple other accolades and formed commercial and cooperative agreements with Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Turkish Airlines South African Airways and bmi; additionally playing an integral part in moving Star Alliance from Cairo Airport’s Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 in 2009.

Airbus A330-200 aircraft are the airline’s flagship. International business class seats on this aircraft feature fully lie-flat seats with personal entertainment systems featuring touchscreen displays. Furthermore, passengers receive amenity kits with socks, eyeshades, and headphones; alcohol will not be served on board (which may be an issue for some travelers). Furthermore, this airline provides online check-in service that allows passengers to book and print boarding passes themselves before departure and offers free Wi-Fi connectivity on all flights.
South African Airways

South African Airways (SAA), established by the South African government in 1934 and one of the leading airlines in Africa. Since apartheid ended, SAA faced sanctions from other nations who denied them access to their airspace, forcing long-distance flights without stopovers during apartheid era. Cargo services were provided and known by their Afrikaans name Suid-Afrikaanse Lugdiens (SAL). After 1997 when SAA changed livery and changed BusinessFirst into BusinessClass they also established links with Mango Airlink as well as becoming part of Star Alliance membership.

SAA began flights to Asia during apartheid-era economic sanctions against South Africa, when Boeing 747SP routes between Hong Kong and Taipei had begun operating. Foreign companies doing business there faced pressure to leave.

Today, SAA serves 56 destinations via partnerships with Mango, Airlink and SA Express within South Africa and across Africa, and nine intercontinental routes from its Johannesburg hub. SAA serves destinations across Europe, North America, South Asia and Australia via nine intercontinental routes from Johannesburg hub. Furthermore, an extensive maintenance operation including avionics line checks is in place as is its Voyager frequent flyer program which allows members to earn miles when flying SAA affiliates and redeem those for flights, upgrades, accommodation upgrades car rental benefits or other benefits when flying SAA affiliated airlines – miles earned can then be redeemed for flights, upgrades upgrades accommodation upgrades accommodation car rental or other benefits available in return.

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