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Baz Bus Travel Pass

Though the travel pass is a good idea it is not really practical. A 7 day pass is great of you have 10 days in SA and you want to sit on a bus all day and see the country. A 14 day is not really good value; you'll have to rush through the country. Note that there are buses only 5x/week between Durban and PE & 3x/week between Durban and Pretoria. The worst thing about this pass is that it starts when you use it and end 7 or 14 days later, so if you get stuck in the drakensberg for 3 days waiting for the next bus; you have wasted your $ & worse, your time.. Passes on Greyhound might be more expensive @ R1400 but you can get a 7 day pass valid 30 days - in this instance you can travel 7 days unlimited in the 30 days the clock starts ticking.

So if you do opt for a Baz Bus pass look at the days you can travel and work it out so you can maximise your time. In this case just use the baz bus between Durban and Cape Town & do the Jo'burg/Pretoria - Durban by normal bus.

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