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Baz Bus Tickets

Where, what and when to buy Baz Bus tickets.
Baz Bus Discounts

1st - the discounts. You can get 5% off if you have a VIP card; this you can get through us for R140.
Also 5% Backpacker: YHA, Student: ISIC, ISE, SAY; Other: YTC, ITIC, ISTC
Also on full tickets there are discounts on day trips etc possible along the route.

2nd - what to buy if you buy: this totally depends on your time available and the route you want to do.
A 7 day pass is great of you have 10 days in SA and you want to sit on a bus all day and see the country.
A 14 day is not really good value; you'll have to rush through the country. Remember that there are buses only 5x/week between Durban and PE & 3x/week between Durban and Pretoria.
A full ticket for 21 days or more available becomes an option - note that if you do Kruger you can buy one from/to Nelspuit & Cape Town as most Kruger Park operators are based in Johannesburg and Pretoria and won't give you any discount if you are getting picked up in Nelspruit and going only one way.

3nd - where & when to buy if you buy: this is really easy. Currently you will pay about 17 % more if you buy the ticket in the UK, about 5% more if you buy it through hostelworld. So buy it in SA. Also note, once you buy the ticket it is not refundable or transferable; so if you get to SA and find travel partners right away your goose is cooked..... If you don't you can buy the ticket just about anywhere; except here.

To Bazbus or not to Bazbus

Baz Bus pros and cons

Baz Bus schedule

Baz Bus prices

Baz Bus 7 and 14 day travel pass

Alternatives to the Baz Bus

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