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Baz Bus Alternatives

You might need more info to decide whether you should use the Baz Bus or not; so here goes:

1. Buses - SA has an incredible choice of intercity buses as on my bus page. Some offer a travel pass - compare prices according to what you want to do.

2. Buses and minibuses. There is certain areas you can reach by minibus that you can't get to by normal bus; like Sani Pass. There is however places where it is not advisable to travel by minibus.

3. Trains and buses. This is also dependant on what you want your route to be.

4. Car hire - not an option for 1 traveller but most definately an option from 2 pax and up. There is a belief that you have to be 23 to rent a car so lots of youngsters don't think it is an option. We do deal with a company(based in Cape Town and Johannesburg) that accept 18 yo as drivers for about R50/day extra. I 'll put this on my site shortly. Note there are some hidden costs - toll fees, a puncture, fuel increases on the 1st wednesday every month, smashed window as you left your jacket in sight, accidents. Base your chances of having an accident on about 1%.
However, with a car rental you are free to go where you want to. For example you don't have to wait for a bus and you can go to the Stormsriver Mouth/ Tsitsikamma National Park - this is the best campsite in SA. You also will save on doing day tours.

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