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20 Days - Cape to Vic Falls NACV
Cape Town to Victoria Falls

Rate till 31 Dec 2011 R 22,950 Local Payment US$745 pp Single Supp. R 4,250
Rate till 31 Dec 2012 R 21,950 pp Activity Package: R 7,450 pp Single Supp R 3,610

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NACV – 20-Day – Accommodated Cape to Vic Falls                            

This tour takes our very popular camping tour and adds some extra magic. Not only do we visit most of the same highlights in Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe but this tour adds the ancient Bushmen community and the capital of Namibia – Windhoek

Day 1 South Africa – Cederberg Mountain Region

Two per room L,D

We depart Cape Town heading north for the spectacular Cederberg mountain region. On this first afternoon we spend some time learning about tour-life, the vehicle and equipment.

Day 2 Namibia - Namaqualand Gariep River

Two per room B,L,D

We travel north through Namaqualand and head for the Gariep River. The night is spent sitting around the campfire getting to know one another.

Day 3 Gariep River  - Ai-Ais

Two per room B,L,D

In the morning we have the opportunity to experience the Gariep River by canoe. Choose between a relaxing morning on the riverbank or the half-day canoe adventure. After lunch we travel north to the Ai-Ais Hot Springs. Optional Activities: Half-Day Canoe Adventure.

Day 4 Fish River Canyon - Kokerboom Forest

Two per room B,L,D

After an early breakfast our journey takes us to the mighty Fish River Canyon. After visiting the canyon we travel further inland to the Kalahari area of Namibia. On the way we will visit the Kokerboom Forest.

Day 5 Bushman Community - Namib Naukluft Park

Two per permanent tent B,L,D

This morning those who wish to spend some time with the !Kung tribe will have the chance to do so. This activity is a local community project and all fees are payable directly to the community. Later we drive west towards the massive dunes of Sossusvlei.

Optional Activities: African Tribal interaction.

Day 6 Namib Naukluft National Park

Two per permanent tent B,L,D

Taking advantage of the cooler temperatures we depart at dawn and drive into the Namib-Naukluft National Park where we will hike up Dune 45 to gain a different perspective of the desert. After this you have the option a guided hike with fellow group members into Sossusvlei.

Optional Activities: Guided walk with Local Expert .

Day 7/8 Swakopmund

Two per room B,L,D (D day 8 only)

A dramatic drive through the arid Namib-Naukluft, crossing the Tropic of Capricorn sees us arrive at Walvis Bay. We stop to view the flamingo’s before we head towards the seaside resort town of Swakopmund.  Here we will be briefed on the many optional activities available for the following day.
Day 8 is left free for each individual to pursue their own interests including many adventure activities.

Optional Activities: Quadbiking, Sandboarding, Sky Diving, Scenic Flights, Fishing etc.

Day 9 Himba Tribe

Two per room B,L,D

Heading inland again we drive north towards Kamanjab where we will meet with some of the local people of the area. The Himba are easily recognizable by their unique style of dress. Encountering a totally different way of life is a moving experience for many people.

Day 10/11 Etosha National Park

Two per room B,L,D

An early rise sees us on our way to Etosha National Park and some of most unique game viewing experiences in Africa. We spend our days visiting the abundant water holes for some excellent game photography. After our evening meal we relax at some of the finest floodlit waterholes in the world. Occasionally it is not possible to stay inside the park at night, in which case we overnight at a local guest farm.

Day 12 Windhoek

Two per room B,L

After an early morning game drive we set off for Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. On the way we will stop at a local craft market for some shopping.

Optional Activities: Dinner at Joe’s Beer House, Township Excursion.

Day 13 Bushmen Tribe

Two per room B,L

Leaving Windhoek behind us we head towards the Botswana border. Here we have the opportunity to interact with the local Bushmen community as well as other activities.

Optional Activities: Bushman Walk.

Day 14/15/16 Botswana - Okavango Delta

Two per room B,L,D

We cross the border into Botswana and, after arriving in Maun, we board small planes that transport us over the Delta to our destination. The flight is both practical and scenic. During our three days in the Delta we will go on a nature walk and a mokoro ride with the local people.

Day 17 Namibia – Caprivi National Park

Two per room B,L,D

We travel through the Caprivi National Park en route to our destination next to the Zambezi River. We spend the night relaxing next to this mighty river.

Day 18 Botswana – Kasane - Chobe National Park

Two per permanent tent B,L,D

This afternoon is spent on boat cruise on the Chobe River watching the game come down to the riverbank to drink. Viewing game from a boat is one of the most successful ways to see the animals in their own environment.

Optional Activities: Chobe Game Drive.

Day 19 Zimbabwe - Victoria Falls

Two per room B,L,D

Arriving early at our final destination, we head off to visit the spectacular Victoria Falls and experience the thundering sound of the mighty Zambezi. The popular optional sunset cruise includes dinner and drinks.

Optional Activities: Zambezi Sunset Cruise.

Day 20 Victoria Falls

Tour ends Own arrangement B

Most people will spend the day white water rafting, a not-to-be-missed experience of a lifetime! Vic Falls offers many exciting alternatives.

Optional Activities: White Water Rafting, Bungee Jump, Elephant Excursion.

2011 / 12 Departures

Translator Provided (G) German, (SP) Spanish. (Fam) Family departure

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NACV 2011 1165 Departs: 03-Aug-2011 Returns : 22-Aug-2011
NACV 2011 1167 Departs: 10-Aug-2011 Returns : 29-Aug-2011
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NACV 2011 1171 Departs: 24-Aug-2011 Returns : 12-Sep-2011
NACV 2011 1173 Departs: 31-Aug-2011 Returns : 19-Sep-2011
NACV 2011 1175 Departs: 07-Sep-2011 Returns : 26-Sep-2011
NACV 2011 1177 Departs: 14-Sep-2011 Returns : 03-Oct-2011
NACV 2011 1179 Departs: 21-Sep-2011 Returns : 10-Oct-2011
NACV 2011 1181 Departs: 28-Sep-2011 Returns : 17-Oct-2011
NACV 2011 1183 Departs: 05-Oct-2011 Returns : 24-Oct-2011
NACV 2011 1185 Departs: 12-Oct-2011 Returns : 31-Oct-2011
NACV 2011 1187 Departs: 19-Oct-2011 Returns : 07-Nov-2011
NACV 2011 1189 Departs: 26-Oct-2011 Returns : 14-Nov-2011
NACV 2011 1191 Departs: 02-Nov-2011 Returns : 21-Nov-2011
NACV 2011 1193 Departs: 09-Nov-2011 Returns : 28-Nov-2011
NACV 2011 1195 Departs: 16-Nov-2011 Returns : 05-Dec-2011
NACV 2011 1197 Departs: 23-Nov-2011 Returns : 12-Dec-2011
NACV 2011 1199 Departs: 30-Nov-2011 Returns : 19-Dec-2011
NACV 2011 1201 Departs: 07-Dec-2011 Returns : 26-Dec-2011
NACV 2011 1203 Departs: 14-Dec-2011 Returns : 02-Jan-2012
NACV 2011 1205 Departs: 21-Dec-2011 Returns : 09-Jan-2012
NACV 2011 1207 Departs: 28-Dec-2011 Returns : 16-Jan-2012
NACV 2012 1209 Departs: 04-Jan-2012 Returns: 23-Jan-2012 (G)
NACV 2012 1211 Departs: 11-Jan-2012 Returns: 30-Jan-2012
NACV 2012 1213 Departs: 18-Jan-2012 Returns: 06-Feb-2012
NACV 2012 1214 Departs: 22-Jan-2012 Returns: 10-Feb-2012 (G)
NACV 2012 1215 Departs: 25-Jan-2012 Returns: 13-Feb-2012
NACV 2012 1217 Departs: 01-Feb-2012 Returns: 20-Feb-2012 (G)
NACV 2012 1219 Departs: 08-Feb-2012 Returns: 27-Feb-2012
NACV 2012 1221 Departs: 15-Feb-2012 Returns: 05-Mar-2012
NACV 2012 1222 Departs: 19-Feb-2012 Returns: 09-Mar-2012 (G)
NACV 2012 1223 Departs: 22-Feb-2012 Returns: 12-Mar-2012
NACV 2012 1225 Departs: 29-Feb-2012 Returns: 19-Mar-2012 (G)
NACV 2012 1227 Departs: 07-Mar-2012 Returns: 26-Mar-2012
NACV 2012 1229 Departs: 14-Mar-2012 Returns: 02-Apr-2012
NACV 2012 1230 Departs: 18-Mar-2012 Returns: 06-Apr-2012 (G)
NACV 2012 1231 Departs: 21-Mar-2012 Returns: 09-Apr-2012
NACV 2012 1233 Departs: 28-Mar-2012 Returns: 16-Apr-2012 (G)
NACV 2012 1235 Departs: 04-Apr-2012 Returns: 23-Apr-2012
NACV 2012 1237 Departs: 11-Apr-2012 Returns: 30-Apr-2012
NACV 2012 1238 Departs: 15-Apr-2012 Returns: 04-May-2012 (G)
NACV 2012 1239 Departs: 18-Apr-2012 Returns: 07-May-2012
NACV 2012 1241 Departs: 25-Apr-2012 Returns: 14-May-2012 (G)
NACV 2012 1243 Departs: 02-May-2012 Returns: 21-May-2012
NACV 2012 1245 Departs: 09-May-2012 Returns: 28-May-2012
NACV 2012 1246 Departs: 13-May-2012 Returns: 01-Jun-2012 (G)
NACV 2012 1247 Departs: 16-May-2012 Returns: 04-Jun-2012
NACV 2012 1249 Departs: 23-May-2012 Returns: 11-Jun-2012 (G)
NACV 2012 1251 Departs: 30-May-2012 Returns: 18-Jun-2012
NACV 2012 1253 Departs: 06-Jun-2012 Returns: 25-Jun-2012
NACV 2012 1254 Departs: 10-Jun-2012 Returns: 29-Jun-2012 (G)
NACV 2012 1255 Departs: 13-Jun-2012 Returns: 02-Jul-2012
NACV 2012 1257 Departs: 20-Jun-2012 Returns: 09-Jul-2012 (G)
NACV 2012 1259 Departs: 27-Jun-2012 Returns: 16-Jul-2012
NACV 2012 1261 Departs: 04-Jul-2012 Returns: 23-Jul-2012 (SP)
NACV 2012 1262 Departs: 08-Jul-2012 Returns: 27-Jul-2012 (G)
NACV 2012 1263 Departs: 11-Jul-2012 Returns: 30-Jul-2012
NACV 2012 1265 Departs: 18-Jul-2012 Returns: 06-Aug-2012 (G)
NACV 2012 1267 Departs: 25-Jul-2012 Returns: 13-Aug-2012 (SP)
NACV 2012 1269 Departs: 01-Aug-2012 Returns: 20-Aug-2012
NACV 2012 1270 Departs: 05-Aug-2012 Returns: 24-Aug-2012 (G)
NACV 2012 1271 Departs: 08-Aug-2012 Returns: 27-Aug-2012 (SP)
NACV 2012 1273 Departs: 15-Aug-2012 Returns: 03-Sep-2012 (G)
NACV 2012 1275 Departs: 22-Aug-2012 Returns: 10-Sep-2012
NACV 2012 1277 Departs: 29-Aug-2012 Returns: 17-Sep-2012
NACV 2012 1278 Departs: 02-Sep-2012 Returns: 21-Sep-2012 (G)
NACV 2012 1279 Departs: 05-Sep-2012 Returns: 24-Sep-2012 (SP)
NACV 2012 1281 Departs: 12-Sep-2012 Returns: 01-Oct-2012 (G)
NACV 2012 1283 Departs: 19-Sep-2012 Returns: 08-Oct-2012
NACV 2012 1285 Departs: 26-Sep-2012 Returns: 15-Oct-2012
NACV 2012 1286 Departs: 30-Sep-2012 Returns: 19-Oct-2012 (G)
NACV 2012 1287 Departs: 03-Oct-2012 Returns: 22-Oct-2012 (SP)
NACV 2012 1289 Departs: 10-Oct-2012 Returns: 29-Oct-2012 (G)
NACV 2012 1291 Departs: 17-Oct-2012 Returns: 05-Nov-2012
NACV 2012 1293 Departs: 24-Oct-2012 Returns: 12-Nov-2012
NACV 2012 1294 Departs: 28-Oct-2012 Returns: 16-Nov-2012 (G)
NACV 2012 1295 Departs: 31-Oct-2012 Returns: 19-Nov-2012
NACV 2012 1297 Departs: 07-Nov-2012 Returns: 26-Nov-2012 (G)
NACV 2012 1299 Departs: 14-Nov-2012 Returns: 03-Dec-2012
NACV 2012 1301 Departs: 21-Nov-2012 Returns: 10-Dec-2012
NACV 2012 1302 Departs: 25-Nov-2012 Returns: 14-Dec-2012 (G)
NACV 2012 1303 Departs: 28-Nov-2012 Returns: 17-Dec-2012
NACV 2012 1305 Departs: 05-Dec-2012 Returns: 24-Dec-2012 (G)
NACV 2012 1307 Departs: 12-Dec-2012 Returns: 31-Dec-2012
NACV 2012 1308 Departs: 16-Dec-2012 Returns: 04-Jan-2013 (G)
NACV 2012 1309 Departs: 19-Dec-2012 Returns: 07-Jan-2013
NACV 2012 1311 Departs: 26-Dec-2012 Returns: 14-Jan-2013


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