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13 Days - Lesotho & Garden Route NADC
Durban to Cape Town

Rate till 31 Dec 2011 R 11,950 pp Single Supp. R 1,740
Rate till Dec 2012 R 11,950 pp Activity Package: R 300 pp Single Supp R 1,210

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NADC – 13-Day – Accommodated Lesotho and Garden Route  


Beginning in South Africa’s playground – Durban, this tour explores the more remote areas of South Africa and Lesotho.  Travelling south along the wild coast after experiencing Lesotho’s mountainous world there are amazing experiences to be had in the Addo Elephant NP and the Garden Route before arriving in Cape Town.


Day 1/2 Drakensberg

Two per room L,D

We leave Durban and the Kwa Zulu Natal coast and travel to the Royal Natal National Park and the mighty Drakensberg escarpment. The next day is spent at leisure. You can choose any of the local activities such as horse riding or take a short hike in the spectacular surroundings.

Optional Activities: Horse Riding, Hiking.

Day 3/4 Lesotho

Two per room B,L,D

After a long but scenic drive we arrive in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. When border formalities are completed we ascend into the mountains to our rustic overnight spot. The next day we get up early and those going on the Pony Trek will ride into the remote hills of Lesotho accompanied by local guides. If you choose to remain behind you can simply relax or visit the local village, school or craft market.

Optional Activities: Pony Trekking Excursion, Hiking, Village and School visit.

Day 5/6 South Africa - Coffee Bay

Two per room B,L,D

We exit Lesotho and head to Coffee Bay. We arrive at this beautiful location where we will spend the next two nights. The next day we have a full day to relax. We have a full day to relax on the beach or go on a hike to the famous ‘Hole in the Wall’.

Optional Activities: Xhosa Village Visit.

Day 7 Addo Elephant National Park

Two per room B,L,D

We spend our time in Addo Elephant National Park surrounded by elephants! These magnificent creatures are always a highlight and Addo provides us with many fantastic photographic opportunities.

Day 8/9 Tsitsikamma National Park

Two per B,L,D

After an early morning game drive we bid farewell to the elephants and drive further along the sunshine coast until we reach Tsitsikamma National Park. This beautiful coastal park provides us with some amazing hikes, including the first section of the well-known Otter Trail.

Optional Activities: Bungee Jumping (highest in the world), Tubing, Treetop Tour.

Day 10/11 Knysna – Oudtshoorn

Two per room B,L,D

It is a short distance to Knysna and there are many activities on offer here as well as the chance to explore this interesting town. Go fishing on the lagoon, shopping in the town or abseil off the Knysna Heads – the choice is yours. The next day we travel on via the Outeniqua Mountains as we head for Oudtshoorn, where we take a tour of the Cango Caves. Later in the day you have the option of visiting an Ostrich Farm.

Optional Activities: Ostrich Farm visit and Ostrich Riding.

Day 12 Stellenbosch Wine Route

Two per room B,L,D

After breakfast we set off for Stellenbosch. As this is the last night on tour we will go out to a local restaurant for dinner. In whale season (between June and November), we spend the day in Hermanus where there is a possibility of encountering world famous whales.

Optional Activity: Meal Out.

Day 13 Cape Town

Tour ends Own Arrangements B

After a leisurely breakfast, we set off to do some wine tasting before reaching Cape Town. The journey ends on arrival at the Centre in central Cape Town.

2011 / 12 Departures

Translator Provided (G) German, (SP) Spanish. (Fam) Family departure

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NADC 2012 1202 Departs: 09-Jan-2012 Returns: 21-Jan-2012
NADC 2012 1206 Departs: 23-Jan-2012 Returns: 04-Feb-2012
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NADC 2012 1302 Departs: 24-Dec-2012 Returns: 05-Jan-2013

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