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Frequently asked questions

Your operator vehicle The Vehicles

We have over 38 vehicles, which are owned and operated by us.  In the main we have Mercedes Benz although we use MAN's and Ford Cargo's as well.  These vehicles have been designed and built to give the greatest security and comfort to you, the passenger.  Our vehicles are fully self sufficient with all cooking and camping equipment, cassette players, exterior and interior lighting, windows, lockers, long range fuel tanks as well as 300 to 400 litre water tanks.

The Crew

On most trips operated by your operator, we have three crew members.  They are the Trip Leader, the Driver and the Safari Cook.  All our crew have a love of the countries they are travelling in, which is one of the most important requirements for your trip.  Most of the crew have spent many years travelling through and have extensive knowledge of the countries you are travelling in.  We feel that their enthusiasm as well as their experience will guarantee you have an unforgettable trip.

Lunch stop Food and cooking

Your Safari Cook generally does the cooking, although even with this bonus we ask that you participate in the preparation on a rota basis.  Meals and menus will vary to some extent as you travel through Africa.  We endeavour to experience eating a varying array of the local dishes that you will find in the countries we are travelling through.  We purchase food daily from the markets and road stalls along the way, which is ably supported by a bulk buy of goods prior to departure.


Our trips are camping trips and as such we use large 2 person tents with sown in ground sheets and a separate fly sheet.  Most of the time you will be staying in campsites, which have sprung up with the ever increasing demand of the overland companies.  At times we will bush camp, that is to say that when we can't travel any further or there is no permanent campsite near, we will pick a suitable place and pitch camp.  A bush camp is something special to be remembered as you are truly out in the bush.

Accommodation - pre and post tour

Masivingo - great Zimbabwe campsite
Local Payment

On most of our trips we have a communal local payment. This payment forms part of the overall cost of the trip and covers in part the game park fees as detailed in the individual trips, plus a number of other excursions that other companies say "Highlights  included", but in reality you actually have to pay for.  Check this out before you book with another company as you could be paying for a lot more at the end of the day.  It is this fund which also covers the meals outlined in the Trip Dossier, which relates to the trip you are travelling on.

Money required on your adventure tour

What's Included

Fully equipped expedition truck/vehicle, all cooking and camping equipment, meals, game park fees and excursions as detailed in the Trip Dossier.  Trip Leader, Driver and Safari Cook are on all trips unless stated in the individual trips.

Pre Departure Information

Prior to your trip we generally have a Pre Departure Meeting.  In most cases this is in the evening before the actual trip gets under way.  Please check this point on the individual trip pages on this site.  We basically discuss the trip, where we are going, what visas are required en route, and whilst it is rare, what charges might be necessary due to political, weather or other unforeseeable situations that have occurred.  We also ask that you bring along your Local Payment contribution, if applicable, in US$ cash.  Having met your fellow traveller's we generally move on to a local watering hole for a drink and maybe a bite to eat.

Pre-Departure information for your overland adventure safari

What's Not Included

Sleeping bag and mat, personal insurance, visas, items of a personal nature, optional excursions and meals taken outside which are detailed in the Trip Dossier.

Things to do before, after and during trips, optional exursions

Safe and Responsible Tourism

Wherever you travel there is sometimes an adverse situation happening and as a responsible safari operator we conduct our trips in accordance with the guidelines of the relevant authorities.  This is an unpredictable continent and we consider that a responsible attitude to itineraries will ensure a safe and rewarding trip for you.  Your safety and enjoyment are our primary concern.  We are the only overland company to have our own offices in East and Southern Africa, which allows us unparalleled support to our passengers and crew.


A lot of brochures give you a flowery description of where and what you are likely to encounter on the trip.  We believe that our brochure honestly shows you where you go, what's included, what's not included, what the options are and what it is all going to cost - no hidden costs.  For a detailed itinerary and dossier of your trip and for your pre departure information simply go to the relevant web page detailing your tour.


Guaranteed Departures

Our experience over the years of the interest in our trips together with the reliability of our vehicles and the loyalty of our trip and workshop crews, gives us the confidence to guarantee our departures.  We believe that currently we are the only responsible operator to make this offer to you so that you can make your booking with a high confidence level.


Visa requirements vary between the individual countries through which we travel and because of your nationality.  In general obtaining a visa is straight forward but the requirements do change.  Our recommendation is to ask your travel agent to help you when you book your trip with us.  We have found Project Visa at to be a comprehensive information source so check before you arrive.


As a responsible trip operator we strongly recommend that you seek advice from your local health authority and that you have vaccinations before you arrive in Africa.  Typically the list includes tetanus, diphtheria, polio, hepatitis A and B, typhoid, meningitis, rabies, yellow fever and malaria. 

The requirements vary between the countries through which we travel.  They apply to all nationalities and do change quickly at times.  So whilst many of these you will probably already have current vaccinations for, we recommend having the others to be very worthwhile.  We want you to have a healthy enjoyment of your African experience!


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